SANTA CLARA, CA -- May 13, 2002 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. is making the delivery of network applications simpler and more affordable than ever with the introduction of the Sun Cobalt RaQ(tm) 550 server appliance.
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The Strongbolt2 ROM
With the arrival of Strongbolt2, we have a new ROM for Cobalt servers.
The new ROM is based on the source from sourceforge.net, but modified to include a 2.6 kernel. The reason for this is to facillitate booting from USB and support for extra hardware.
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Strongbolt 2 upgrade released
A new year sees a completely new release of Strongbolt.
The Strongbolt2 upgrade is an easy process that just involves installing a couple of packages through the package management interface (bluelinq).
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Support from OS Office is nothing short of amazing.
Finding companies that stand behind their products these days can be challenging, but the staff at OS Office proves they still exist.
I continue to be stunned by their response times and outstanding service.
Jim Murray
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Linux Support and Server Solutions

Linux Support and Server Solutions

Many will rely on existing I.T. staff to manage business critical systems.

 All too often, these staff - highly trained on how to configure and manage Microsoft products are unable to provide the level of support necessary for a Linux system. This can lead to misconfiguration, confusion and eventually downtime and/or loss of critical data. Professional training is not inexpensive, and in order to reach a professional level can take a long time.

How Can We Help

At OS Office, we have the skills and experience required to manage your systems. Our business support packages are tailored to your needs in order to give you the package that is right for your organisation.

Whilst we primarily support the Strongbolt server sytem, we also provide expert support on all major Linux distributions, including RedHat Enterprise Linux (and CentOS), Debian, SuSE, Mandrake and Gentoo.
Whether you require one-off telephone or on-site support, an on-going support arrangement, or a completely out-sourced IT department - OS Office are able to provide for your needs. From installation assistance to server migration, we can make sure that your network is provided for - leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Please call or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for full details on our support options.

Our Support Package are very simple, you pay us to look after your servers and we do. There are no hidden costs or small print stating that we only fix certain types of problems, we fix them all for a fixed monthly price.

Unlimited Free Telephone Technical Support

It is always in our best Interests to keep you and your server going, that way you stay happy and tell other people about us.

No Call Out Charges

Should an onsite support call be required to fix an issue you will never pay a call out fee, all cost of the onsite support call will be covered by your support package

Free Servicing

When you take up a Support Package with us, all of your machines are serviced Free Of Charge. This helps us fix any on-going problems you may have and ensures that you have the latest software updates loaded onto your machine.

Remote Support

On logging a support call with our support staff or online at our website, we will attempt to resolve the inquiry or fault by remote means, with the ability to escalate to a on-site support call to fix the problem.


All Support Package Customers may request a statement of any active or historical support tickets.

Free Advice

As each server is entered onto our database we build up a picture of what you have and what you could do to improve it, and as the advise is free you can do what you like with it. i.e. some companies that we deal with are tied in to buying from a central source but still use our know how to get the right equipment.