Kernal Panic

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Kernal Panic

Postby S3am1nkey on Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:56 am


I recently brought my cobalt qube 3 out of storage and I am getting the same message I was getting when I put it away "Kernal Panic". I have tried reinstalling strongbolt 1.6.03 and I still get the same message on reboot. I would like to get the server up and running and maybe invest in strongbolt 2. Does anyone have any ideas. I have replaced the hard drives with drives I found listed on this forum and the system worked for several weeks then it began to give me glyphs on the LCD screen and then the panic message. I am thinking it is a memory issue but I am unsure. I have even disconnected one of the drives so it will be set as master and I still get the same message.
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